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I AM and I Will: The 60 Day Healing Journal is written to assist anyone on his or her journey to healing power. Author Pat Evans dedicated 60 days of self-care, self-love and becoming a better version of herself by dedicating each morning time with God and completing steps outlined in this journal. This process has helped her to heal from inner childhood wounds, past relationships of emotional and physical abuse and disappointments from those close to her. Pat found through research and reading the bible, the number 60 represents support, completion, rest, togetherness, safety, and connection. In working through her I AM and I WILL: The 60 Day Healing Journal, Pat discovered her spiritual power in being able to leave behind negative energy of the past and look forward to brighter opportunities in the future. Using this journal, you too can learn to connect with God and yourself, to see what's happening in your life, where you are, and determine what you want to focus on within your own journey of 60 days.

I AM and I WILL: The 60 Day Healing Journal

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