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MariLee Publishing was born from our desire to honor the compassion and service consciousness of our mother Marilyn Lattimore Kitchen and brother Lee Kitchen (who performed a sacred sacrifice by giving his life to save the life of another.)


Our family members were true Givers and modeled selfless service by helping others until their very last day on this plane. We set out to tell their stories and along the way we re-discovered our Gifts and a promise we made to pass on what they had given to us in their lifetimes.


MariLee Publishing has a vision to help you tell your story, find your purpose and become a published author.  Our  publishing experience has proven that becoming a published author will change your life by changing the story you tell about your life.


Why choose MariLee Publishing?  Because we have a desire to support you in your purpose-seeking journey and lifelong quest for excellence.  It's our purpose-driven mission to serve. Let us help you find your glory by publishing YOUR story!

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